A downloadable game for Windows

A 2 player versus match 3 slash platformer game set in a simulated  distant future where life on earth consists entirely of immortal robots who established ritualistic sacrificing to their robot gods for fun.

Grab Torches and light blocks on fire. Match up same color blocks, use a skull idol on them to shoot fireballs and create new types of blocks, build up your block tower tall enough to jump in the robot god's mouth to win! Throw bombs and fireballs at your opponent to mess them up along the way.

Created by Jay Tholen and Theory Georgiou during the 2016 Global Game Jam. The theme was ritual. Initially we came up with a daily life kinda game which was about the same idea as everyone else blagh. Luckily Jay accidentally took his dads keys. So in the middle of the night we drove 2 hours back to his house to drop em off so his pop could go to work in the morning and another 2 hours back. We talked game design, about our favorites and manipulated music from my phone with a $20 synth he just got in the mail.  We lost a few hours of development time to the drive but came back to the jam with a unique idea worth so much more. That idea...was this game.

A lot of work has gone in to the game since it's conception. We implemented online play because it's a two player versus game and Jay moved to Germany soon after the global game jam. We wanted to keep playing and testing and adjusting things together so we added the feature.

Install instructions

directions in game. 


Automata-Ascension.exe 18 MB