A downloadable game for Windows

Manage your Space (Ghost) Ship with your minimal but literal skeleton crew. Take on alien foes like The Dub Spockimites, The Neil Degrasse Tysonians, and "E.A" The [E]lemental [A]lliance (TM) by...

  • Activating Ship Modules
  • Harpooning enemy ships
  • Destroying Ship modules
  • Slaying the living

Lot's of retro explosions and screen shake, I promise.


Click to select your skeleton, click on a cell to move him. Stand next to a module to activate it's effect (weapons, shields, Harpoon).

Invade the other ship, and destroy it! 

Theory Georgiou - Design, Code

Marco Flores - Character Pixel Art

Trevor Roberts - Backgrounds, Logo Pixel Art

Nicholas Russell - Lore, Writer

Bethany Borden - Sound Effects

Jay Tholen - Music

Jessica - Skeleton Pixel Art

Install instructions

Download and play it.


Skeleton Crew.exe 5 MB